Andrew Lamy  
Brett Deubner
Gary Kirkpatrick

Reviews & Quotes

“Virtuoso and sparkling…both recordings distinguish themselves through technical brilliance.” Klang Punkte, Doblinger Press, Vienna, Austria

"The trio's playing is crisp, energetically delivered and rhythmically concise."
The Star-Ledger of New Jersey

“Pianist Gary Kirkpatrick exhibits high-caliber performance and musicianship...” New York Times

“…Mr. Lamy possesses such sweet tone and technical poise in his suave, seamless playing." Philadelphia Courier-Post

"Intriguing and extremely well played selections.…"
Chamber Music Newsletter
of the South Bay,
Los Angeles, California

"There is a burning intensity to Mr. Deubner's playing, and a refreshing variation in the color of his viola tone." The Star-Ledger of New Jersey

"The Halcyon Trio is a perfect ensemble of "no-nonsense music" making. The virtuosity of each of its members coalesces into a poetic and powerful union."
Lalo Schifrin

"The Halcyon Trio is an absolutely stunning ensemble! Their fire, agility, and tender nuance of phrasing will surely place them front-and-center on the world stage."
Michele Zukovsky, Principal Clarinet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"After their flawless yet freewheeling performance, their collective pedigree was rendered mere paperwork as the only response was simply ‘Wow!’ All three sparkled as they filled the flying music with drama and extraordinary ensemble."
Paul Somers, Classical New Jersey

"All three players carried off this new work with strength and elan engendering a spontaneous ovation."
(in reference to the New Jersey premiere of Trent Johnson’s Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano)
John Hammel, Classical New Jersey

 “You (Halcyon Trio) have inspired me not only to write what is perhaps the greatest and most unique work of my life, but also delivered an absolutely electrifying premiere performance that was at once insightful, cohesive, and virtuostic to the highest degree.  It is a truly great affirmation to hear one’s music thus understood and lovingly rendered. Many Thanks!”                                                                                                                                                                 --Lalo Schifrin